Jerome is an artisan in every sense of the word. Enrico Bonomo


Mr. Scullino’s work is not complete without the collaboration between photograph, oil paint and beeswax. Each brush stroke added to the work creates texture, adds a painterly dimension and makes it one of a kind.

Mr. Jérôme X. Scullino was born and raised in France. In the last 20 years his fine art photographs have been exhibited in Ottawa, Montreal, New York, Santo Domingo and Collioure, France. He was frequently requested as an editorial photographer for a number of publications, and has photographed many magazine cover images. He currently operates fine art portrait studios in Ottawa and Toronto.

“Jerome, you did a wonderful job capturing the essence of each little girl with your camera. We’ve been singing your praises to family and friends. You are an exceptional artist.”
— Kathy and Fred Fraser

Normand Couture

Normand is in charge of production at our workshop in Ottawa. He is responsible for the beautiful retouching and remastering of the black and white photographs you will receive. He is a master printer and assures the quality of our prints are consistent. He has a background in graphic design and is also a musician. Normand loves eating sweet things

Teresa Haslip

Teresa is the organizing guru for the Ottawa studio. She also has been with us the longest. She is an avid Yoga practitioner both spiritually and physically. She is always finding ways to make us more “green” as she is active in her desire to help the environment. The thing she enjoys most is to spend time with her kids and her dog.

Nisha Parikh Scullino

Nisha is our in-house painter and our studio guru and takes care of all the behind-the-scenes aspects of our studio and production of the encaustic art. She is Jérôme's other half in life as well as in business. She always has a personal project on the go. Her creativity is boundless. She has a background in teaching and fine arts and enjoys reading and educating her girls and her husband.

Sample of an encaustic photograph

What is an encaustic photograph?

Encaustic photography blends the ancient with the modern. The technique uses layers of melted organic beeswax applied by hand over the original photograph to build up a textured surface. The artist sculpts the wax and carefully blends in oil pigments and resins to create a painterly effect. The result is a vibrant three dimensional work of art that cannot be duplicated with any kind of digital software.

“An amazing, beautiful way to capture moments in time. Jérôme’s charisma and direction makes for a fun & memorable experience and the finished piece adds visual appeal to any room! Love these unique portraits. They are timeless!” – Coleen Stewart  

I received an invitation or a gift certificate. How do I register it?

Please go to our R.S.V.P. page, fill in the required information, within 1-2 days Teresa or Nisha – our studio manager – will contact you to arrange a time for you to come in.

How do we book a new sitting for our family at your studio?

Please go to our Commission page, fill in the required information, within 1-2 days our studio manager will contact you to arrange a time for you to come in. Call us at least 3 months before your desired date for flexibility in our timetable.

Where is the studio? How do I get there?

We have two locations – Ottawa and Toronto. Ottawa is our corporate home. For a map and direction to both locations please go to our Location section.

Encaustic photograph of a young girl.

Dress Code

Formal or “casual chic:” the choice is yours. Dark solid colours, layers and knits work great. Avoid white, patterns, logos and golf shirts. Gentlemen: a great looking sport jacket goes a long way. Ladies, covering your arms is a good idea. Remember this portrait will stay with your family a very long time. Attention to details is key for a great portrait. Make the time to look good. Think of it as a first date.  You want to look great, make an impression and still feel comfortable.


Our frames are meticulously hand finished by master craftsmen with decades of experience. These artisans mill and shape custom mouldings using a number of domestic hardwoods such as maple, white oak, walnut and cherry. Our frames have closed corners and are joined with wood splines. We do not use the less expensive (and unfortunately industry standard) “chop and join” moulding. Rather, each of our individually built frames have closed corners with no visible seams.

Encaustic photograph of a family.
Image collage of our studio space. Image collage of our studio space.